Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for external communications of the County including public information and communications via the County website, the County government access TV channel, and social media sites.  Work includes the filming, editing, and production of videotaped meetings and programs; producing and managing content and design of the County’s website and social media sites; creating and producing entertaining and informative programs for the government access channel; performing as host and interviewing guests for multiple programs and shows on the government access channel; and planning a wide variety of means to inform and educate the public on County programs, activities, and services. The Communications Director serves as the County’s spokesperson to the media researching and responding to media inquiries and requests; gathering information; producing and distributing press releases; conducting live interviews; and coordinating the distribution of information for the County.

  1. Brandon Tester

    Communications Director

  2. Administration

    Physical Address
    121 W 3rd Street
    Washington, NC 27889


    Fax: 252-946-7722